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What is interesting here?

What is interesting here?

Jan 20, 2024

Hi, there! I'm an AR Effects Creator & Illustrator.

I've worked for 3+ years in developing AR filters for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. I've created over 200 AR effects for 150+ happy clients. It means I can help you bring any your filter idea to life.

Companies and individuals hire me when they want to:

  • create a cool interactive effect for the special events (conference, song release, anniversary, wedding, etc.);

  • let people try companies' products directly in IG camera (glasses, hats, jewellery, makeup products, etc.);

  • engage and entertain followers with a funny AR effect for instagram or TikTok.

I create illustrations together with the AR developing.

My artworks are known for warm colors and some cartoon vibe because I take a lot of inspiration from cinematic lightning, iconic movie shots and nature.

What is interesting here?

I'm in the process of creating a friendly community with a multiple levels of content. So, here are they:

⚫️ I share ideas on how you can use Instagram & Tiktok filters in your stories and reels.

  • This is public. Check my latest posts.

⚫️ AR Filter Lovers | Membership

  • I share themed lists of Instagram & TikTok filters with a clickable links.

  • You get exclusive step-by-steps on how to create creative stories.

  • You are able to download stickers, elements, gifs for designing stories & reels.

  • You get discount on items from my shop.

⚫️ AR Filters PRO | Membership

  • AR filter management support for filter owners. I can assist you with updating filters to the latest version, when they disappear from your page.

  • I share industry news and ideas on how to enhance your brand's visibility with AR

  • Monthly Q&A article

  • You get 20% discount on commission

⚫️ The fan of Illustration | Membership

In case you like my artworks and you want to support me as an artist on a monthly basis💛

  • You get early access to my art

  • WIPs and process videos

  • You get discount on items from my shop.

As you see, I'm at the very start of this journey and I will be so much grateful if you support me now. Join this community or buy me a coffee, or leave me a nice comment💛 Thank you so much!


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