Things are bad

May 08, 2022

OK, really quickly before the next air raid.

It's been 10 air raids today in Odesa. We haven't slept all night. We had like 5ish explosions, I don't remember exactly. The last one made my ears ring. Or maybe it was stress because my windows are still there. But the car alarms went off. But my head hurts anyway. I don't know all the info about where the hits landed, the government is keeping it quiet to prevent Russians from adjusting their next attacks, but our air defense is doing amazing, so I hope no lives were taken.

ALL of the Russian rocket-bearing ships approached Odesa, it's 48 rockets we are to expect.

Bottom line: I literally don't know if I survive the next few days, and I'm scared and angry, and I want to slap the shit out of Russians and go out and scream "Bring it on, you bastards", but also I want to be very small. like a mouse and hide in a very deep hole

And in all of this mess right after the last few explosions, I had pizza delivered. Really worried about the pizza delivery guy, I asked him to wait with me in the hall until the air raid alarm is over, but he left. That was the most surreal thing I've ever done in my life: sitting on the floor in the hallway, eating pizza under Russian bombs.

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