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Reflecting on Hitting Emotional Rock Bot ...

Reflecting on Hitting Emotional Rock Bottom

May 24, 2024

Have you ever noticed how your emotional state affects everything in your life? On Twitter, I shared that I've been feeling really low lately.

I'm recovering now, so don't worry. This happens. It's temporary. We move on.

Being a mother and working during wartime is much harder than I expected. I never had illusions about my strength, but I never thought I’d be so vulnerable.

Negative emotions cause stress. For me, stress drains the energy I have left after caring for my child. In normal times, I might have pushed through, but now it leads to complete shutdown.

That's why I wrote about weakness. It's different from my past self. I still don’t always know how I'll react in different situations. This time, it paralyzed me for a week. I couldn't pull myself together, and it affected my work, my relationships, my daily life, and my outlook on the world.

Every situation teaches us something. Here’s what I’ve learned this time:

1. I can only rely on myself. I need to build a life that protects me and my daughter. Our happiness depends on me.

2. I’m stronger than I thought. My boundaries must never be violated, unless I allow it.

3. I need to take care of my inner resources first. This helps me control my life. My boundaries must be firm.

4. I need to build relationships that support me, not break me. Disruptions to my routine affect my sense of security, which I can’t allow.

5. I’m not alone and never have been! Thanks to you, my friend (I know you’re reading this, thank you), and my dad, I didn’t lose my mind 🫶

It's all about creating and prioritizing safety, both psychological and physical, especially during wartime.

That's it! We move on!

P.S: what about to go to recovery walk together? Would love to know your thoughts in the vote below👇

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