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Life hack for parents

Life hack for parents

May 17, 2024

Good morning from the super active girls ☀️

I'm here with my "Unbreakable" mug, which took on a whole new meaning when I had my daughter. Though it's a bit damaged, it still works perfectly 💪

Life hack for parents juggling work and parenting:

If you have a lot of work to do during your child's nap time and want to ensure they sleep soundly, make sure to dance and play with them a lot before naptime!

This will tire them out so they’ll sleep deeply and are less likely to wake up at an inconvenient time 😎

But be careful—you might get so tired from entertaining that you won't feel like working and will just want to lie down next to your child 😄

Have a great day, everyone! What are your plans for a day?

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