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Embracing the imperfections of your life

Embracing the imperfections of your life

May 13, 2024

Decided to start a journal for motherhood + career to keep track of my feelings. Hoping it helps me remember things better. Here are some thoughts I want to share.

Been listening to podcasts by my friend Tania on essentialism (she's amazing! Tania - founder of the self-improvement platform "Poshurshymo" a mom of two under three, and waiting for her husband to return from war). It made me realize I've been putting too much pressure on myself.

No one is expecting perfection from me. Just me. In my head, I should be the perfect mom, excel at work, keep the house spotless, and look flawless. But reality kicks in, and I'm slowly learning to make peace with it!

Honestly, I'm not getting everything done 🙌 the hardest and most important thing is accepting my imperfections. I'm learning, one step at a time.

Why is it important? Because without it, I can't enjoy the present. I end up focusing on what I haven't achieved and miss out on life's beauty. It's like having a little devil on my shoulder ruining my days with its nagging.

So, I choose not to stress and focus on life's top priorities. To cherish every important moment 🧡

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