Tarsakh 3, 1362 DR

Tarsakh 3, 1362 DR

Jul 21, 2022

We stayed in the village for a while and rested so far. Sanise helped out at the tavern and Ykril at the local woodcutter to improve our financial situation. Miara and I, on the other hand, kept a low profile. We were lucky that the tavern owner didn't throw us out when he found out that Drow were staying in his rooms.  
»Are you out of your fucking marbles?« Miara immediately rebelled as I walked toward the door.  
»I must get out of this room before I go nuts.« I sighed.  
»Try to avoid trouble at least!« she continued to warn me »You remember what happened a few days ago when you looked at one of the market criers in a crooked way?«  
»Yes, yes, the guards! I know.« I answered her, annoyed, and left the room for the tavern.  

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