Tarsakh 12, 1362 DR

Tarsakh 12, 1362 DR

Jul 24, 2022

It didn't take long to pass the gates of Baldur's Gate. It was a massive city. A metropolis where the streets were filled with activities of many cultures, and no one seemed to notice us except the city guards. Miara and I were able to move freely beneath the watchful eyes of the guards, and nobody bothered that we were Drow. I felt a bit free again for the first time in a long time.
»Why can't we just stay here?« I asked Ykril excitedly.
»Because we can't afford it. The costs here are beyond all our income.« he replied calmly.
»But we will come back, yes?« it came enthusiastically from me as I ran in front of him onto the marketplace.
»Wherever you want to go, I will follow you with most delight!« I heard him silently as I began to rummage through the first pile of delicate fabrics.

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