Marpenoth 2, 1361 DR

Marpenoth 2, 1361 DR

Jan 01, 2021

In the night he woke us up by a bad dream and as he sat at the corner of the bed, with his back to me and his head buried in his hands, I saw his huge scars on his back. »Could these scars be from wings?« I whispered to myself while I gently stroke over them. He already told me on our date in the tavern that he could hardly remember anything, so he maybe was not aware that he ever had wings. The pictures from my imprisonment shot through my mind like a flashback and I remembered again from where I knew his name and face. Ykril. »My lifesaver« I whispered in surprise

I kissed him gently over his scars while I reached around him and slightly shaky stroked his belly tenderly.

»Come honey – lie down again. I'll take your mind off.« […]

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