Hammer 14, 1362 DR

Hammer 14, 1362 DR

Mar 21, 2021

It was very painful to see how Ykril was treated because of me. He had been brainwashed, his wings cut off, kidnapped and tortured. The city where he was at home was devastated because of me. His house smeared with slogans like ›banish the Drow slut‹, damaged and plundered and Sanise and I were insulted and spat on as we dragged him through the town to his house.

After 4 days of being completely unconscious, he finally opened his eyes occasionally and smiled at me. For days I knelt beside the bed crying, praying to Eilistraee that he would regain consciousness and heal while I nursed his wounds, washed and fed him. He had healed me so many times, consciously or unconsciously, but he seemed to be unable to heal himself. To make matters worse, Sunih, who had been notified by Sanise, was making my life difficult with her growing hatred on Drow. […]

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