Current situation

Jun 04, 2021

I want to apologize for the long wait between my posts.

My situation has become very complicated due to the bullying of various and well-known individuals on Twitter. The resulting court case with me as the plaintiff often blocks me from having thoughts to write in the evenings.

Even though some people think I don't have a job, due to the lies of the fools, I still find some distraction in a company that pays me to develop websites and administrate Linux servers.

I sincerely hope that the lawsuit, the first of at least three, will be done quickly and that I will soon be able to relax better again.

In the meantime, if you are bored or not, I can recommend the books from dkemeridou. She also offers some extras, like creating advertising banners, like she already did for me.

I also already have the next ideas to commission her for some banners. 🤭

I wish everyone a beautiful and peaceful weekend.

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