Ches 10, 1362 DR - Claudia Crane POV

Ches 10, 1362 DR - Claudia Crane POV

Aug 25, 2021

When I regained consciousness a few days ago, I saw some soldiers piling corpses on a wagon. Again, I had underestimated those Drow. This would certainly not happen to me again. But I had to regain my strength first. It was lucky that she hadn't caught me in my human form.

The riding lizard on which I lay weakened threw me off rudely at my front door in Menzoberranzan. I just couldn't understand why the Drow like these beasts so much. They stink, are unfriendly, and eat the gold out of your pocket. After I got back up and opened the door, I managed to take one step into the house before my daughter Yasmih came running towards me. […]

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