Alturiak 17, 1362 DR – Ykril POV

Alturiak 17, 1362 DR – Ykril POV

Apr 17, 2021

The reverberation of the tunnels distorted the distance I had estimated and it took us almost an hour to arrive. We narrowly avoided detection by the soldiers who were cheering a fight on an elevated position. There she was. My sweetheart, the future mother of my children and my life, fighting side by side with a Drow I had never seen before, surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, against 2 of those Praetorians.

»There she is. Sunih, Miara - I implore you. Please help her.« I begged the two squabblers and saw them merge into one team the next moment, as if they had been replaced

»Sanise dear. Please find somewhere a place to hide for you and Nimri« I demanded anxiously, giving her a kiss on the forehead and followed Sunih and Miara along the path they cut through the soldiers.

I watched in amazement how the two could work together so perfectly when they weren't fighting each other. Miara lifted rocks from the ground where Sunih was standing on, threw them at the praetorians, and before the opponents were hit, Sunih skillfully leapt off with daggers drawn and began to slaughter one soldier after another. […]

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