Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year 2022!

Jan 01, 2022

I wrote a blog post for the New Year.


Blog excerpt:

I just want to affirm that it’s ok if your only hope and expectation for this year is to survive physically, emotionally, mentally.  It’s ok if you’re one and only prayer this year is a desperate plea that you and your loved ones are able to survive this year relatively intact and see 2023.

And it’s ok if you look back this past year and your only “major” accomplishment is you survived.  Know that your status as a beloved Child of God does not depend on arbitrary notions of success.

It’s ok if this year has been too much: too much suffering, too much grief, too many losses and you aren’t in the festive mood. Know that however, you choose to observe New Year’s (or don’t) is valid. (As long as it doesn’t endanger others and their health).

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