Timeless: An Adventure Novel

Timeless: An Adventure Novel

Jul 25, 2022

For your entertainment, we present TIMELESS: A thrilling time travel story for adults & young adults, available for purchase in its entirety at this link.


Please enjoy and thank you for reading my work.


Minute followed minute. Bob's screams were blown away. He searched fore and aft, and then port and starboard over and over and over, clinging to the small hope that Jenny had taken shelter under one of the benches, but found nothing. As he picked his way toward the companionway for the tenth time, he tripped over a silver cleat, this was being dragged first one way and then the other and he realised that the rope to which it was attached must have snapped. Bob wiped the sticky spray from his eyes. Fear, anger, and fatigue blinded him. He screamed and screamed for his wife but in those raging seas his words were ripped from his tongue, fragmented and drowned as he now believed his wife to be.

Denver hung onto the wheel sobbing so hard his chest ached. At least ten minutes passed since his mother was knocked overboard and in that time his eyes searched near and far as the dreaded waves pulled and stretched the schooner, defying it to try to win the battle.

Then Denver turned and looked aft. He froze. A massive wave, at least 9 meters high, was heading straight for their rear. With a huge effort he unlashed the wheel, and using the blasting wind as a rudder, allowed the tiny vessel to armour itself ready for the assault. Just before the wave hit Denver felt something crash into his leg and he buckled under the weight. Raw pain raced through his leg and up his body. The now freed rope slid through his frozen hands, burning great gashes into the palms as the schooner turned one hundred and eighty degrees, then nose first she sank and wallowed in the trough, bowing before the might of the surge as though to some unworthy Sea God.

Denver realised nothing could survive such a wave. He tried to wriggle free but found he couldn't move. The pain was unbearable. Whatever hit him kept him flat on the deck. He felt as though a pile of bricks landed on him and the weight was too great for him to move. Suddenly the weight shifted and he fell, hitting one of the wheel's handles as he crashed to the deck and into emptiness.

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