Timesets App Released!

Timesets App Released!

Oct 06, 2022

This a small project I've worked on this past two weeks, after a few iterations on the design and problems with my messy code (oops), I rebuilt everything from scratch and turned out better than expected.

Timesets features:

  • POMODORO: Run a custom set of timers to track your time.

  • STOPWATCH: Simply start it and track the time you are spending on an activity.

  • Get notifications and/or sounds when you complete a timer.

  • Option to pause the timer before starting your next task so you can be even more flexible with time.

  • Simple design with different colors to customize the theme.

  • Works in mobile, simply add the Web App to your home-screen (some features may not be available).

  • No tracking, no ads and free.

  • Works offline too once you've visited the app once.

If you've found a problem or have any feedback please let me know.

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