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Total lunatic? Or just total lunar eclip ...

Total lunatic? Or just total lunar eclipse? The 8th of Nov!

Nov 07, 2022

"The term "lunatic" derives from the Latin word lunaticus, which originally referred mainly to epilepsy and madness, as diseases thought to be caused by the moon. The King James Version of the Bible records "lunatick" in the Gospel of Matthew, which has been interpreted as a reference to epilepsy. By the fourth and fifth centuries, astrologers were commonly using the term to refer to neurological and psychiatric diseases. Pliny the Elder argued that the full moon induced individuals to lunacy and epilepsy by effects on the brain analogous to the nocturnal dew. Until at least 1700, it was also a common belief that the moon influenced fevers, rheumatism, episodes of epilepsy and other diseases."

So, whether or not this is true, I'm feeling quite under the weather, and my son is having a fever, haha.

What you could experience now though (and/or also) is your emotional body is really paying a visit to the basement. Anything that can trigger your emotions right now, if you are not in an emotional stable place, is going to set you off. So be aware, and try not to get into arguments.

This can also cause your emotions to run high, being very sensitive to anything and everything, positive or negative.

Energetically the moon is very connected to your psychic centers, and your throat chakra. And how that will play out is obviously due to where you are on your spiritual journey. But you could experience a hightened sense of your intuition. Stronger psychic abilities. Opening of your psychic abilities.
It can push you to stand more truthfully in your authentic self, setting clearer boundaries, speaking your truth more clearly.

If this is being balanced out, you can physically experience pain or soreness in your throat, having aches or inflammation in your ears, tinnitus or a buzzing sound/feeling, feeling nauseous, dizzy and sometimes disoriented.

The need for sleep and rest will be very hightened, and also the need for more plain water.

The moon often triggers the deepest shadow part of you, and with the total eclipse you might really feel this one.
To me, it almost feels like the "final eclipse". I know it's not, but there is something in the ethers that has reached a place of "this is it", or "enough is enough".
So with that said, there might be alot of transformations and shifts coming with this moon. Even if the actual shift doesn't take place during the ecplipse, the inititaion of the shift has begun.

Try to really allow yourself to feel however you feel, energetically, emotionally and physically. And let the shadow part of you breathe.

You might feel that this has already been going on for a couple of days, probably starting around the 4th of Nov somewhere, and we will be inspired to let go, or transform this energy on the 11th of Nov. (11/11)

Rest, meditate, stand your ground, drink water and listen to yourself!
If this is a trying period for you, know that this too shall pass!

Hope this helps!

With love,

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