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Sep 06, 2022

Hello dear "stars"!
This is the energy forecast for the 6th of september 2022!

I'm so happy to be doing this energy forecast launch, on this very special day!

The planets are positioned in such a way, that we are looking at around 6 weeks of
beauty, abundance and positive energy.
Numerology wise the number 6 comes into play as well, which speaks about
love and harmony.
This energy got going already on the 2nd of september, but has really kicked into
gear now that we are in the 6th of september date, also in a 15 universal year, which
adds up to number 6.

So in plain english, what does this mean?

You will feel lighter. Things will start to fall into place. This can be a beautiful time to meet
your soulmate or some of your soultribe friends.
It is also the start of new opportunities, a change in course on your path.

This can be the time that you look back on, lets say 6 months up to 2 years from now,
saying "it all started in the time period with all those sixes in that 6 week period".

Since it is a high vibrational speed around this period, you can if you don't look after yourself,
feel extra tired, getting mood swings, feeling light headed, having slight headaches and such. But if you get enough sleep, preferably ground yourself and meditate, getting some water in there as well, this could be a quite extraordinary time period. With the kick-off today on the 6th of september.

With love,
"your true north"

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