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Going live!

Going live!

Nov 19, 2021

I have been kicking and screaming not wanting to do this, but here it is!

3 weeks ago, my little boy got a cold, and nothing extra ordinary going on with that, I've heard of others having colds through out history. But then, just as it felt like he was getting better, he got worse again, and this time I joined in. We have gone back and forth between each other having enough stuff going in our bodies, (read, enormous cleansing) to hinder me from doing my normal youtube readings, for now 3 weeks!!! 3 weeks people!

Simultaneously (I never know how to either spell or pronounce that word, I'm from Sweden, don't judge!) had this urge, this nudge from my "inner wisdom" to go public with information that I've gathered over a period of time. And since I couldn't do the readings, time and space has just opened up for me to focus more on what I'm about to spill here.

I've been reluctant to come forward, cus the stuff that I have received, is a bit foreign to me personally, and I'm also forced to claim my personal power more, but here it goes. It's time to go live, and stop hiding.

Starting on the 21st of November, together with my guidance, I have organized an energy cleansing month, going til the 21st of December! You can join in whenever you find this post, and choose completely if you join the whole month or a couple of weeks or just days.
This energy cleance is a preparation for you to go from stripping away your identity and move into mastery. To move into freedom and take your power back!

This Energy Cleanse is so that you will piece by piece, belief by belief, strip away the resistance to that which is truly you, to the grand total of you, which is already here. To find yourself in the most aligned version with your higher power, and therefore complete freedom, that you can find.

This means that if you've had any type of mental or physical pain in your body, financial resistance, blockages, self sabotage, playing it small, not living your full potential, afraid of love, being in fear, and whatever else that is a part of the lower vibration of you,- it will slowly but surely start to transform and transcend ("to rise above or go beyond the ordinary limits of;").

I'm going into detail about how it all works (and who can participate, whether it should be just for you, or if you wish to bring your family, children and friends into this,) in a separate post here.

And normally I probably would charge in the hundreds, with this type of offer, but I'm told to let people pay what they can and want. It's a pay what you like - thing, which is why this "Buy me a coffee"- site is just so perfect. So the absolute lowest donation you can make here, is 3 dollars, and yes, you are not completely free to choose, cus it is at lowest 3 dollars, but you can make the decision to pay only 3 dollars for the entire month.

This will be the basis for everything that I post both here, and later videos on Youtube. You will pay what you like. And I love that you have the choice and freedom to do so. You know sometimes we really want to participate in something, but we just can't afford it, so this also means that you can join in, and then donate whatever you find appropriate later, when you might have a little more coming in.

So if this sparks your interest, please read how to go about this, in my post "Energy Cleance"!

And later there will be more on the very important date the 21st of the 12th, 2021, "the mirror day"!

Your True North!

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