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Do you want a different timeline? 11/11 ...

Do you want a different timeline? 11/11 portal!

Nov 10, 2022

Hello my beautiful ether friends!

So I want to start with saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry because I wanted to make a beautiful meditation for you, for the 11/11 portal, but me and my little boy are still not feeling well, so I can't do it.

So I thought, I will just leave you with this short inspirational message, that you can do for yourself in your own meditation if you like. It's a fraction of what I received from my inner being, but at least it's something.

You can read through these words and as you do, try to envision them in your mind. And then go sit with your eyes closed, and make the same little journey in your minds eye again.

Before you start your meditation, you can sit and breathe for 5 min.

So here it goes:

Imagine you are at a starting point, with 2 paths in front of you. You are standing in front of the left one, and you will now start to walk forward on the left path. The right one is right next to you all there, while you are moving forward.

The left path is the path you have mainly chosen up and til this point. The main path includes anything and everything you have lived in the past up and til now. It also includes mainstream thinking, mainstream choices, mainstream decisions as a collective.

You might really enjoy this path and the way you have lived your life, the way of creating what you want, the do's and the don'ts and the so far results you have in your life.

If you don't you can literally change your timeline and move to the rigth one. The rigth path is easy, ligth, fun, it's also a choice to not be so involved in what about 80% of the collective is choosing right now, you sort of stand outside of that creating a new path for yourself.

You are still on the left path and soon there are 2 portals coming up ahead of you. 1 is on the left path, and you will see 1 on the right path as well. And now you make a choice.

You either stay on the left path and go through the portal/door on this path, or you go to the right path and go throught the right portal/door. How you go to the right one, you literally see yourself make a jump from the left to the rigth one.

Remember, you choose, and no choice is good or bad, it is just what is right or wrong in direct connection to where your heart wants to go next.

So now, you are either on the left side, or you have left the left side, to go to the right side.

And now the portal is coming up. You see this big door open up before you, and as you step through you say yes to the next level on your unique path, be it on the path with how you've always done things, or on the new path.

As you step through, feel what it feels like, what do you see, what do you hear, what do you smell? Bring as many senses in to this as you can. And just sit with it for a moment. You might be showered with emotions, you might not feel a thing cus the shift might need some time and will come later all in perfect timing.

So there you have it. It might sound like a lot, but it really only is 2 paths with portals attached to them, you starting out on the left one and making a choice if you want to stay or shift your timeline.
And when you've made that decision you step through your portal. That's it.

See you on the other side!

Happy 11/11!

With love,

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