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19th of September! Daily Energy Forecast ...

19th of September! Daily Energy Forecast!

Sep 18, 2022

Hello beautiful "stars"!

(I wish for you to find some time as you start your day, where you get to sit down and enjoy a
really good cup of coffee or tea, as you read your "Daily Energy Forecast"!)

The energy is working itself up to great expressive energy and love. Absolutely coming more into that tomorrow on the 20th.

This is the "prince and princess of heaven" - number today, and it's inviting you to look into your relationships of love.
Although it represents that very special someone in your life, romantically, this can also represent giving you the inspiration to look at all the beautiful relationships you have in your life, and maybe even expressing some love to these people.

A little tip that I want to give you, is that I take one new person each day from my friends list on Facebook (this can obviously be on any social media platform or email address) and think of something friendly, or loving or inspirational to say about that person. I then send a very short message with these words, to the next person on my list, and you wouldn't believe how happy and thankful people get, for just those short messages.

In the very beginning it felt almost a little bit awkward to send something to someone that I might not be all that close with. (Which is probably 2/3 of my friends list) They might almost be a stranger just knowing them by name, but I point that out and still find something nice to say. It is such a simple way of creating ripple effects of love, and putting a smile on peoples faces.

This is basically a "love'ly" day!

Hope this helps!

With LOVE,
"your true north"

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