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✨my safe space✨ & ✨my favorite animal✨

✨my safe space✨ & ✨my favorite animal✨

Jan 18, 2021

here's my entry for week 2 of #selfcareartfest2021 and my first entry for week 2 of #januarygettoknowme !

covered in a warm and cozy blanket w/ my pawfect friends named codee and shamsey~ i'm a certified hooman, and doggos rly hearten me (ʃƪᵕ༚ᵕ)nEEDLESS tO sAY, aLL aNIMALS r aLL lOVELIES✨ they give us delight and comfort that we need💞

i just wish there's this type of blanket.

you may also join in the fun of #januarygettoknowme on ig! this event is for the art community to get to know each other and to show artists some love & support~ see you thereEe💞

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