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♡ goot the woof ♡

♡ goot the woof ♡

Mar 26, 2021

yay, it's spring season now. i really love flowers when they're in full bloom. although, in my country, it only has two major seasons—wet & dry. that's totally fine to me, tbh. but i wish i'm able to witness cherry blossoms bloom in person, it's really just my dream for so long eheheh. also, it has a lot of meanings in life. if you've already watched a silent voice, i want to eat your pancreas & your lie in april, you'll know what i mean sksksk

pls meet my new oc, goot the woof~ U^ェ^U my bf suggested his name & it's really just cute. also, i hugely want to thank everyone who's been following me through this art journey regardless of being inactive. you, guys, really rock ( ◕﹏◕)\m/

this is my another entry for week 2 of #bloomingartfest—baby animals♡ & #bloomingmarchweek—animals w/ flowers♡ on ig.

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