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Remote Mower

Remote Mower

May 20, 2021

Remote Mower:

Remote Mower For Having Fun While Cutting Grass.

➣ Price: 2000$

➣ Top Speed: 60 KMH

➣ Working Width: 1 M

➣ Working Speed: 50 KMH

➣ 3 Cameras: - Outdoor Cam, Mower Cam, Player Cam

➣ Could Be Attached With Tension Belts

➲ To Use The Mower You Should "Enter Vehicle" Near The Controller Not Near The Mower.

➲ PS. For A Better Driving Experience, We Couldn't Reduce Its Mass, So If You Need To Pick It By Hand "fs19_Lumberjack" Mod Should Be Turned On.

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