Free Weekly Habit Tracker Stickers

Free Weekly Habit Tracker Stickers

May 04, 2024

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? Good news! Whether you're aiming to adopt new habits or break old ones, our free printable habit tracker stickers are here to help. Tracking your habits is key to sticking to your plan and integrating new activities into your daily routine. Available in both weekly versions (Sunday start and Monday start), these stickers are versatile and can fit into any location.

Here are some ideas for healthy habits you can track with these stickers: exercise, water intake, healthy eating, sleep, meditation, reading, screen time, daily chores, gratitude, and self-care. Simply select the habit you want to focus on and add a check mark every time you complete it. These stickers make it easy to start small and track your progress week by week throughout the year.

With five cute colors to choose from, these stickers not only add a fun touch to your planner or journal, but they also allow for easy color coding to differentiate between different types of habits. Whether you're tracking your fitness routine, mindfulness practice, or household chores, these stickers are the perfect tool to help you stay accountable and motivated on your habit-building journey.

Get Weekly Habit Tracker Stickers.

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