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Filing Tax Form - 1040NR

Filing Tax Form - 1040NR

Feb 19, 2023

This Video is for International Students / Scholars on F1, J1 Visa status to file form 1040NR. Students can OPT, STEM OPT can also use this video and file for Free, if the income is less than 73,000$. If its more, you just have to pay the TaxAct Charge.

  1. International Students Cannot use TurboTax and file form 1040, They can use TaxAct or Sprintax.

  2. Visit IRS.GOV and select File for Free options, and it will give plenty of resources. I was recommended to TaxAct and it was pretty easy to use.

  3. If you are in US for more than 5 Calendar Years, then you can file 1040 Form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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