Quick Tips .. Apple M1 / M1X info

Quick Tips .. Apple M1 / M1X info

Jan 12, 2021

With the new M1 range of Apple computers there are compatibility issues to be aware of and potential pitfalls if your hardware and software is not optimised for the current OS, Big Sur. Many applications not yet optimised for the OS will run on the M1 chip by way of Rossetta 2. ( Essentially Rosetta 2 enables a Mac with Apple silicon to use apps built for a Mac with an Intel processor), but many will not. Look below for some useful links to help make the decision about jumping to Big Sur / M1.

  • Compatibility with your Audio hardware and Software here on the Pro-Tools-Expert site:


  • More compatibility info here on another constantly updated list from Sweetwater. There's a glut of useful info here:


  • There's great on-going thread here on the Gearslutz forum as people share their early experiences of M1:


  • For users who might have installed Big Sur, but are still using an older Intel model, Tech Radar has some speed and fault finding tips here:


  • And other speed suggestions here:


  • If you like to benchmark your own rig, there's a downloadable Logic session here:


  • Already there is talk of the next generation release M1X, which is aimed more at the Pro market and less at the consumer, rumours here:


We'll be running our own tests and publishing results very soon in a more real-world Audio / Playback scenario with class compliant hardware and silicon optimised software .. Watch this space for results, they are coming soon..

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