New video online: Tame Impala's stranges ...

New video online: Tame Impala's strangest hit song and how/why it works

Jul 22, 2021

Hello everybody!

I hope you will enjoy the new episode.

Let's get creative :-)

What makes the song 'The Less I Know The Better' so unique? And if it's so strange, why did it become a hit song? Tame Impala is definitely one of the most talented producers of our current time.

In this new songwriting and music analysis series called 'What I Learned From', I analyse music to find songwriting and composition techniques that you can use for writing your own music. In this episode we talk about the uncommon structure Tame Impala's song has and how lyrics and melody support each other in keeping you hooked. There are also interesting things going on in the harmony / chord progressions. So in other words: a lot to discover and learn!

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