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Oct 01, 2020

The purpose of this book

The Major scale is the most common scale in popular music, knowing how to play it on the guitar is an invaluable asset. If you're a beginner on guitar, or if you have very limited knowledge in music theory, this book will help you expand the possibilities of your instrument.

What you will need with this book

  • A very basic knowledge in music notation, in standard notation and/or guitar tablatures.

  • A guitar, electric or acoustic.

  • Motivation, and that's it!

What is the content of this book

  • A definition of the Major scale.

  • The most common scales in the open position.

  • The five shapes of the CAGED System.

  • How to connect the shapes to master the whole fretboard.

  • How to apply the CAGED System to all the keys.

  • Diagrams of the open position scales and the CAGED System.

  • Over 30 exercises to help you learn the Major scale, all in professional-looking tablatures.

What you will get with this book

With this book, you'll get all the tools to master the Major scale in all keys, everywhere on the fretboard. You will learn to understand what you're playing, identify the intervals that are in the scale, and improve the way you play melodies, improvise, and write music. You will aquire knowledge that will help you in the future, the Major scale is the basis for the Minor scale and the seven modes related to the Major scale, what you learn in this book can be applied to these other elements.

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