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How to create a successful resume from t ...

How to create a successful resume from the first time

Oct 26, 2022

How to write a resume that will attract a recruiter even if you have no experience - 4 tips for beginners.

Tip number 1. Indicate at least the minimum relevant experience

Often in the recommendations on the design of resumes for students write: "Indicate absolutely all possible experience so that the resume is not empty". But in practice, this recommendation should be followed carefully, and don't forget about how long a resume should be

Indeed, even internships, freelancing, volunteering, clubs, work in student organizations, etc. should be added to the resume, but only those that are at least minimally related to the future profession.

So, if you are applying for the position of event manager, experience in organizing student events will be very useful, but participation in a robotics club is better to remove. If you want to become a link builder - it is worth mentioning that you have experience in writing texts in a foreign language, even if it was just posted for social networks, and it is better to say nothing about the theater club or sewing courses.

Tip number 2. Show your interest in a specific position

If we are talking about a vacancy for which experience is not necessary, remember that the recruiter will choose among dozens or even hundreds of candidates. Show in your resume that you are interested in developing in this particular position.

For example, add information about the completion of thematic courses - now there are many opportunities to study in every professional field, including free ones. Choose a relevant course for yourself and take it.

Mentioning additional education in your resume will show the recruiter that you are not just responding to all open vacancies in a row, but are interested in a specific profession.

Tip number 3. Structure the information in such a way as to focus on the most relevant part

Recruiters usually spend about 30 seconds on resume screening. During this time, they decide whether to consider the candidate in more detail and move on to the stage of personal communication.

Make your resume in such a way that in these 30 seconds you can see your compliance with the requirements.

We have encountered situations when resumes submitted for a position with a single requirement for the level of English were filled with several pages of irrelevant work experience (waiter, driver, leaflet distribution, etc. with detailed descriptions), while the level of foreign language proficiency was not even put in a separate field. Do not do this.

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