The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

Apr 15, 2023

It’s been quiet in Kyiv. Too quiet. The type of quiet that always exists before our neighbors to the east decide to unleash their missiles and drones.

There was a similar quiet in the buildup to New Year’s and Christmas. After the quiet, a renewed attempt to destroy Ukraine’s power grid. Part of the plot to “freeze Ukraine into submission” as well as “punishment” for failing to adhere to a fake Christmas “ceasefire.” It is hard not see the cards falling the same way again. Only this time, Easter.

This week has seen many rumors of Russian requests for a “ceasefire” or “Easter truce.” These requests are always traps. They intend to force Ukraine into a ceasefire and then strike during what is supposed to be calm. Then they will blame Ukraine and use it justify pounding civilians with missiles and rockets.

There’s tangible evidence of this too. The Russians are restricting access in the Black Sea. This is a common tactic used before a barrage of missiles are launched from warships. They “clear the area” so launches are not interrupted.

There’s also the internet propaganda campaign. All across Twitter for the past two or three days, Ukrainian and Ukrainian supporter’s accounts have been hit with mass bot attacks. Meant to ban accounts for “spam” posting and ding accounts on Twitter’s new algorithm. Another tactic used in the buildup to a mass missile attack. Why? So no one outside of Ukraine knows it’s happening.

Do I know for sure there will be a mass attack tomorrow or in the next few days? Of course not. But I know the pattern of behavior and I will be holding my breath. This is life in Ukraine. You must always keep one eye open. If not you will get caught in a bad spot. Even many miles from the frontlines, one must always be alert. This even as life continues as normally as it can.

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