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Cypher System for Foundry VTT 1.8.0

Cypher System for Foundry VTT 1.8.0

Dec 04, 2020

Change log

  • [Added] System settings for using the effective Difficulty, which tells you that you have beaten a Difficulty one step higher or lower per steps eased or hindered, respectively.

  • [Added] All new All-in-One Roll macro, which opens a dialog where you can set the skill level, assets, levels of Effort, and additional modifiers for difficulty and Pool point costs. It then calculates everything and pays the cost automatically, including the relevant Edge and Speed Point cost due to armor.

  • [Added] An All-in-One Roll macro template. Copy that into the macro bar and edit the values as you need it. Using the macro then calculates everything automatically just as the All-in-One Roll macro does, but you don’t need to enter the values each time.

  • [Added] A system setting to always use the All-in-One Roll macro for item macros (macros that have been dragged in to the macro bar to create a macro.

  • [Changed] Dragging items to the macro bar creates a quick roll macro. These macros now give more relevant info in the chat output. These macros do not calculate costs automatically! Use the All-in-One macro or your own template for that. Please replace the old macros, otherwise you’ll get an error.

  • [Changed] Compatibility with Foundry VTT 0.7.8.

  • [Deprecated] Due to the new system setting, the macros for effective Difficulty has been deprecated. All the functionality is intact if you set the system setting.

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