Redbrand Hideout (Tresendar Manor Baseme ...

Redbrand Hideout (Tresendar Manor Basement)

Apr 10, 2023

The Redbrands’ base in Phandalin is a dungeon complex under Tresendar Manor. Before the manor was ruined, its cellars served as safe storage for food and water in the event that the estate was attacked, while an adjoining crypt provided a resting place for the deceased members of the Tresendar family. The Redbrands have since expanded the cellars to suit their own purposes, adding slave pens, workshops, and barracks.

A bit of an experiment this time as I'm trying a new style: a full-size map that's table-top ready!

All you have to do is print the pages, cut out the segments and line them up on the table for your gaming session. Its been designed so you can place the rooms as your players explore, helping to maintain the sense of mystery and suspense!

The Redbrand Hideout is a dungeon from The Lost Mine of Phandelver starter-kit adventure, also known as the basement of Tresendar Manor, and is currently free to access on D&D Beyond.

Download the map for free

Page previews

Some things to note

  • Each room and corridor is drawn separately on A4 sheets at a scale of one inch for every grid square, so its ideal for combining with your miniature collection.

  • The room numbers are all oriented to look correct from the same viewpoint (i.e. the north-to-south vertical). If any numbers are at odd angles on the table, it means the room needs rotating.

  • The sections are designed to overlap each other. This is so they line up properly and help you understand how they are placed.

  • Secret doors and traps are printed separately from the walls and floors. Place these on the table when your party discovers them.

  • The corridors themselves don't have any numbers on them, but the page they are cut from indicates how they connect with the various rooms. Make sure you have the complete map preview to hand for reference!

  • You might want to glue the paper to some cardstock. This will make them more durable and less likely to be disturbed by wandering miniatures!

How it looks on the table

Some examples of the map in action (Please note that this version was a prototype and didn't have all of the furniture drawn in yet!)

Download the map for free

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This map is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

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