[NOW AVAILABLE] The Fifth Mystic Rebel: ...

[NOW AVAILABLE] The Fifth Mystic Rebel: A Novel by M. Rasheed

Jun 08, 2022

After a dedicated few years of religious piety and exploratory political activism, proud Black American Malang Flathill is shocked to find himself the recipient of a one-in-a-million legendary spiritual experience. Now targeted by his ethnic group's traditional foes, can Malang find a way to use his enlightened insights to aid an inspired, anti-racism grassroots organization secure the economic protected class status long denied his people before he can be stopped by a succession of anti-Black goons?

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    Publisher: ‎ Second Sight Graphix
    Medium: Print
    Marketplace: Patreon
    Language: ‎ English
    Paperback: ‎ 262 pages
    ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0-692-98222-8
    Weight: 0.414 lb
    Dimensions: ‎ 4.25 x 0.551 x 6.87 inches
    Genre[s]: Literary, Personal, Religious/Spiritual, Thriller/Suspense

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