The Entrepreneur [MisterMaya]

The Entrepreneur [MisterMaya]

Feb 21, 2022

Today we will talk about "The Entrepreneur". I will not tell how startups do. This is a game and it has been told how to do startups in the game.

So let's talk about the characters of the game.

1. Laura

Laura is the owner of a salon and is a very nice girl with her because she used to live with 3 girls but if one gets engaged then she leaves. She takes care of everyone.

2. Valentine

Valentine is a very famous influencer of Facegram, But keeps some distance from the boys, although she is a lovely girl, but she does because of a reason.

3. Alexa

Alexa is a very shy girl. But she is working on her weekness. She wants to become an actress and is studying acting in theatre.

4. Lucy

Lucy is MC's childhood friend, but when he goes out of town due to law studies, the two are unable to keep in touch. Well, I really liked this character. She is very supportive and Lucy is also a shoe lover.

5. Elena

Elena takes acting lessons with Alexa. Alexa does not like her at all. By the way, there is good in acting and she is also good in how to grab Opportunity with seduction. She is a bold girl, if someone ignores her, she does a lot to control him.

6. Paige

Paige doesn't have a lot of impressions in the game, but I can sense that she'll definitely be playing a very important role in the upcoming updates. Laura and Paige are friends. Paige is very pure hearted girl.

Introducing Our Villians:

1. Michael

Michael's is a businessman and he wants whatever bar is in the city to be his. And he is the husband of Paige. Although... by heart, he is a bad person, but he loves his wife very much.

Michael does not do any bad deed in front of his wife, so that Paige does not think that she is the wife of the bad man.

2. Tony

Michael hires Tony, to keep an eye on MC.. and turns Tony into a punk. He can do anything for money.

Let's dive into the story

As soon as the game starts, Valentine will greet. This greeting trend was started by DrPinkCake founder of Being A DIK. Like Jill introduces Being A DIK and DrPinkCake , Valentine also introduce their game (The Entrepreneur) and about Developer (MisterMaya). In the beginning of Being A DIK, DrPinkCake said something about family and MisterMaya also said the same thing with different style.

There are only two members in his family, he and his father. His father had only one wish that he should open a bar and his father had bought a big space in the auction to make a bar.

At the age of 18, he graduated from his high school and make his career in law. Luckily, he gets admission in a very prestigious college but the college was far away from MC's house. So the student will have to stay in the hostel to study in the college. When MC starts studying in college, after a few days, his father dies, and his father left a will. According to his father's will, that Bar space will handover to the MC. So he decided that he would follow his dad's dream. He comes back to his city and starts planning to build a bar and he did not have a house in that city.

MC saw a advertisement, it was written in that post that I am looking for a roommate. So MC calls Laura to the coffee shop, Laura interviewed MC and agrees to keep her in his house. Laura's house is a rented house and she has four roommates to split the rent. But one of the girls had started living with her fiancé, so her rent-paying planning had gone wrong. So Laura wants a roommate.

MC went inside the house and meets Valentine and Alexa. After taking some rest, the next day he goes to see his bar space. He cleans bar space but not full. Then he post a ad on the street that he wants a bartender. Mac needed furniture, bartenders, alcohol to open a bar.

Next day, Lucy comes to meet the owner of the bar for the job opportunity and comes to know that he is her childhood friend. MC said of you help me to arrange all the bar stuff then this job is yours. MC said that you can bar material for me because Lucy has its own different taste that love most of the people. Lucy supports MC in all manner. In some manner, I'm guessing she fell in love with MC that's why she planned for a surprise.

MC goes to meet Alexa at her acting lesson and meets Elena. When MV enters the acting lesson for the second time, a sex scene with Elena will starts, it will depend on you. If you agree with her. But this will be a major step. And in the meantime, a man comes to Laura's salon and misbehaves due to which she gets upset and then explains to MC, MC clean her head with those shitty thoughts. With Valentine, MC wants to kiss her but she refused the kiss.

If you play this game then you will feel like becoming an entrepreneur. Because I thought so too. The story of this game is very good because till date no one has made a game about entrepreneur.




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