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I like Sweet Wine

I like Sweet Wine

Mar 29, 2021

At least once a week, one of my followers will tell me how much they like sweet wines. Do you know that there are levels of sweetness in wines?

Here are the three levels of sweetness in wines and some of the wines that fit into that category.

  • Semi-Sweet Wines - Most of these wines will have a more tropical taste. Some wines that fit into this category are Moscato, Roscato, and Resilings.

  • Sweet Wines - These wines have a more honeyed taste to them. Some wines in this category are Tokaji, Icewine, and Sauternes. The color of the wines is a dead giveaway in this category.

  • Very Sweet Wines - This is as sweet as it gets. Wine in this category includes Port Wine, Moscatel, and dessert wines.

I hope that you find these quick tips helpful to you. If you are interested in knowing which wines pair best with your favorite type of sweets, check out the extras section and purchase the Sweets for the Sweets guide to pairing wine with desserts.


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