Update & Info [COVID-19] | 14-06-2020

Update & Info [COVID-19] | 14-06-2020

Jun 14, 2020

Good evening, Creeps and Ghouls!

As I'm sure some—if not all—of you are aware, the UK has been effectively put under lockdown (good old BoJo never used the words, but the restrictions speak for themselves) due to COVID-19. As a result of this, all non-essential businesses are being told to shut down until further notice. 

I have to admit that I'm a little unclear on whether this applies to online businesses only... I would assume that they may remain open as they can be run from home and have limited person-to-person contact... but then again, I'm not certain.

Mori Moon Co. isn't being closed down or put on Holiday Mode—this is Etsy's version of temporary closure intended for when a shop's owner is away and unable to take and fulfil orders—but we anticipate an exponential drop in sales, and therefore, right now, we aren't going to be updating the shop, adding new products, or be focusing on marketing. 

Instead, I will be taking the next few months (I have to isolate myself for at least 12 weeks because I am in the high risk category as I have Type 1 Diabetes, a heart problem, and complications from the Diabetes.) as time to work on recipes and test them. I will be looking at new products, doing research, improving the products we have, and more.
I will work on Mori Moon Co. as much as I can, and hope that once things have settled down, the business will be back and better than it has ever been.

Remember, Ghouls:

Stay safe! Practise personal hygiene! Practise social distancing! Don't flout the restrictions put in place, because even if you think you'll be fine, this is bigger than you—it's about all of us!

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