A new Manx edition of Dora’s Manx fairyt ...

A new Manx edition of Dora’s Manx fairytales

Dec 06, 2023

Manx educational charity Mooinjer Veggey has published a Manx translation of Fairytales from the Isle of Man by Dora Broome. 

It features new illustrations by Jay Cover and a foreword by Sue Woolley about Dora’s life.

Dora Broome’s Fairytales from the Isle of Man was originally published in 1951.

Since then it has been translated by the late Brian Stowell.

Using this translation, Mooinjer Veggey’s resource officer, Grainney Sheard, has worked with the teachers of Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, in St John’s, to publish a new edition of the stories so that they may be used as a learning resource for pupils at the school and Manx language learners of any age. 

This new edition features the first 10 stories from Dora Broome’s original book with contemporary illustrations by Manx-born artist, Jay Cover. 

Each story features its own title page illustration in full colour with an internal illustration in Jay’s idiosyncratic style. 

Jay has worked on a number of Manx cultural projects in the past such as the Flitter Dance and Manx Dance booklets as well as special anniversary postage stamps for Culture Vannin.

Mooinjer Veggey’s community engagement officer Grainney Sheard said: ‘Jay’s illustrations are bright, fun and quirky, giving the stories a real breath of fresh air for learners of Manx today.

‘Jay has been a real joy to work with and we hope to be able to work with him again on another 10 stories from this important and iconic book about folklore on the Isle of Man.’

In addition to Jay’s illustrations, this book features a new foreword written by Sue Woolley and translated into Manx by Chris Sheard. 

Sue has helped to develop a greater understanding of Dora Broome and her life which previously had been a bit of a mystery.

Sue’s foreword makes up part of a new entry to the Manx Worthies online about Dora Broome and Mooinjer Veggey is delighted to have it as part of this new edition. 

Mooinjer Veggey plan to host an in-person launch of the book with Jay Cover and Sue Woolley in 2024. 

Keep an eye on Mooinjer Veggey’s social media for updates. 

Mooinjer Veggey thanked the Manx Lottery Trust, Culture Vannin, Department of Education, Sport and Culture, Yn Cheshaght Ghaelgagh, teachers of Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, members of Mooinjer Veggey and Words and Spaces for their knowledge and support with the project.

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