Track: “Halo”

Track: “Halo”

Jun 12, 2022

I wrote "Halo" in December of 2019. At the time, I had a bad habit of staying up late, or sometimes, for days at a time. I would go out to bars, meet up with friends, talk until the bar closed, invite people over to my apartment, and keep the conversation going until it was time to either pass out or find somewhere else to drink. This song came out of one of those late night conversations with someone I was close to at the time. We were talking about what we wanted to do with our lives and who we wanted to be. I remember feeling like we were being unusually earnest and idealistic for two people who spent their nights trying to pretend like there was no tomorrow. We'd always inevitably be rudely reminded of how much time we'd wasted when we could hear the birds start chirping and see the sun start to creep into my living room blinds. I was starting to feel like the people around me and I were all talk and no action. Recording this was an attempt to explore that feeling and make something of it.

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