Odonis Odonis - No Pop

Odonis Odonis - No Pop

Mar 04, 2024

2024, March 3rd: No Pop by Odonis Odonis is going to be a little bit off-brand for me, and that may make it difficult to explain but here goes.

When I first checked into this, a quick taste test at the opening track seemed like signing up for dark ambient, or some kind of experimental noise album. Turns out it was signed and sealed for a dark-wave, synth soaked, electronic dance music (EDM) drama.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the typical EDM that feels happy and drenched in ecstasy, this album unfolded before my ears combining all of the dark elements and noisy favorites of the genre and, mixed together, it delivers extremely well for a harsh but seductive total package.

This is a terrific step outside of my normal listening, and if you are into something along the lines of a soundtrack to the matrix mixed into a harsh horror vibe for an electronic dance party, then this would be one to check out.



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