Q&A "Things inspired you to make work"

Q&A "Things inspired you to make work"

Apr 09, 2021

This is the first question I received on my Instagram is from @d.y.303_yu

I think being an artist I always have the urge to make, it's empowering to make through my own hands and to capture time. I am particularly indulged by nature and its ephemeral beauty. Yet, these ephemeralities exist in the circles of life where you will find eternality. Hence I always treasure little moment like this, the sparkling ripples on River Thames, the fairy-like clouds, or the blossoming flowers. I like to capture these forms of life and its liveliness. It is very powerful just by its existence.

From all of my work in ceramics, it's not hard to guess that I especially love making vessels and containers. Maybe it's because they're capable of holding these beautiful forms from nature and capturing different forms of their existence.

Thank you for asking and hope this answers your question. I look forward to share more personal stories on any individual works that intrigues you :)


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