Dec 03, 2021

Thank you all for your patience and support! Our degree show is finally coming along~

The Jewellery & Metal and Ceramic & Glass programmes at the Royal College of Art ask you to cast aside preconceptions and review the new possibilities presented in materials-led practice, joining our graduates of 2021, in the first public showcase of their work. The exhibited works were born amid public and national lockdowns informing new creative possibilities and journeys:

“The pandemic brought physical limitations to our life, but it has also supplied us with ample time to contemplate our feelings, memories and dreams as well as the future of our distressed planet including the animate and the seemingly inanimate species/objects we live with.

As makers we portray our thoughts through materiality, using the texture of its skin and the connotations of its body as a vessel for our transformative ideas. In the process of making, we alter the material into different states of being, evolving its meaning and connotations. During this process we become one with the material, moulding it towards a new perspective.

The works in Metanoia’s exhibition offer a space to rethink the meaning of making and our relationship to materials, whether through intimate poetics or a metaphysical approach. Our makers weave through the past and the future building a web of memories, touch, and political commentary, reconnecting our practices as we spread across the globe. Together we build a new future towards new becoming, as we embrace the ontological similarities of humans and other species.”

Book your free ticket here:

The show runs from Dec 15 (private view from 6-8pm) to Dec 19 at Cromwell Place, next to South Kensington station, London.

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