Kurinuki tea bowls

Kurinuki tea bowls

May 05, 2021

As I was making another set of kurinuki tea bowls at home, time took me to just over a year ago when London went into the first lockdown. I had half a bag of reclaimed clay and half a bag of ultra expensive Limoges porcelain.

Simply because that’s the most valuable thing in the studio that I might make good use of, but with cautious decisions. Hence, procrastination.

What about the reclaimed clay?

Even though there is not much.

It does not require careful consideration.

It can be turned into anything.

Carving out from a block.

Coiling into a vessel.

At the same time, the negative from one object turns into the positive of another.

Yin and Yang dance together.

Life and death complete a full cycle.

What a fabulous plan that is.

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