AUDIO - Gratitude and Positivity - 28Ju ...

AUDIO - Gratitude and Positivity - 28July22

Jul 28, 2022
Goood Morning! Gratitude Today I am thankful for this symposium and for great feedback on my eBook (Coming soon). Great lessons from a few speakers yesterday and today I get to say farewell to a member of my staff at a luncheon, expressing gratitude for his many years of service for the Navy Positivity There doesn't need to be a set plan for your career - you're allowed to pivot, change your mind, and be-do whatever you want. At the same time, be a beacon of encouragement for your friends, family, and even bosses. I recently told my boss that I want her to stick around in the Navy for a few more years, rather than retire (which is what she wanted to do). Be the change you want to see - advocate for those you want to see carry on and still have great things to accomplish! Just a little bit of encouragement can knock down that first domino. :)
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