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Finding Home: Reflections on My Vancouve ...

Finding Home: Reflections on My Vancouver Adventure”

Apr 01, 2024

A New Beginning

My journey to Vancouver was unlike the typical newcomer experience. With a lucrative job in Nigeria and a wife already studying in Canada, I embarked on a path filled with uncertainty and opportunity, leaving behind the familiarity of my homeland in India.

Arriving in Vancouver, I was greeted not only by the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia but also by the challenge of starting anew in a foreign land. While my wife had laid the groundwork for our transition, navigating the intricacies of Canadian life presented its own set of hurdles.

Challenges and Adaptation

With a background in supply chain and logistics, I sought to carve out a niche for myself in the Canadian job market. However, despite my qualifications and experience, finding employment proved to be a daunting task. The Canadian work culture differed significantly from what I was accustomed to, requiring me to adapt and persevere in the face of uncertainty.


- Homelessness around major neighborhoods in Vancouver's downtown area struck me profoundly. The stark contrast between the city's affluence and the struggles of those without shelter was a daily reminder of societal disparities.

- Hardship faced by every newcomer resonated deeply. The initial excitement of arriving in a new country gave way to the reality of job seeking. Non-acceptance of foreign experience and lack of accessibility to inner circles of job providers and talent managers tested the patience of every newcomer.

- The cancel culture prevalent among temporary residents (on work permits) over permanent residents and citizens surprised me. It seemed counterproductive to fostering a welcoming environment for all.

Solace and Exploration

As I settled into life in Vancouver, I found solace in the support of my wife and the welcoming embrace of the local community. Together, we explored the vibrant city and its surrounding areas, from the bustling streets of Burnaby to the tranquil parks of North Vancouver.

Resilience and Resourcefulness

Despite the challenges, I remained determined to build a life for myself in Canada. Drawing upon my resilience and resourcefulness, I sought out opportunities to contribute to my new home. Through networking and perseverance, I eventually found numerous part-time gigs, leveraging my skills and expertise to secure meaningful certifications like PMP and CSCP.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting on my journey from India to Nigeria to Vancouver, I am reminded of the resilience and adaptability that have carried me through the transition. While the road may have been challenging, the opportunities for growth and fulfillment have made it all worthwhile.


- The Canadian government's invitations to newcomers often paint an idyllic picture. However, the reality of job seeking can be vastly different. Navigating this process requires patience, determination, and sometimes a thick skin.

- Mental health issues are at the forefront in Canadian society. As newcomers, we must be empathetic and respectful to every individual, regardless of their background. Canada's reputation as a tolerant country should extend to fostering mental well-being for all.


As I look ahead to the future, I am grateful for the experiences that have shaped my journey. While the path may be uncertain, I am confident in my ability to navigate it with courage and determination. In Vancouver, I have found not only a new home but also a newfound sense of possibility and opportunity. 🌟

PS- Happy one-year anniversary in Vancouver! May everyone’s journey continue to be filled with growth, learning, and joy.

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