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Textbook for beginner Japanese learners

Textbook for beginner Japanese learners

Jun 12, 2022

Hi there!
It's been a long time since I've written here.

I'm currently doing one thing that I've been doing for the last year, apart from giving online Japanese lessons, distributing podcasts, and creating content.

It's the... development of a new textbook for learning Japanese!

I started developing this new textbook from scratch, taking advantage of my own experience as a designer and Japanese language teacher.

My new textbook features:

  • All in easy-to-read full color

  • Throw away pages of boring 'just' grammar

  • Chapters are topic-based

  • Learners are targeted at levels A1 to B1

  • Romaji notation is also used in the first half of the textbook

  • This textbook helps to build vocabulary and improve speaking and thinking skills in Japanese

  • Works with additional online resources

E-books are very popular these days, but I'm considering producing both paper books and e-books.
(Both mediums have their advantages!)

It's still under development, but here's a sneak peek of what's in this textbook!
This is a sample A2-level page.


Developing a textbook takes time, effort, and costs.

I would be happy if you continue to support my project!

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