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LIVE streaming

LIVE streaming

Jun 24, 2023

Starting July 1, I'll begin LIVE-streaming on a platform (app) called HiNative!

You may have heard of this service before if you are learning Japanese, but this website/app will allow you to ask questions about "how native speakers actually speak" and "differences in phrasing" etc.

To let people from different regions participate (+ because of my work schedule), I will be broadcasting for 1 hour each morning and evening (Central European Time) on most days, please see the image for the schedule.

I've not decided on the details of the LIVE streaming at this time, but you guys can talk with me/everyone and ask questions about any expressions or words you do not understand within the podcast episodes, etc.

Download the HiNative app and FOLLOW my account (akari_mochifika)!
(*There is no ID search function, so please follow this link directly)

The first LIVE is on July 1st, but I'm aiming to get 20 followers by then, so please follow&support me!!!🙏🖤💙💛

I look forward to talking with you all!

Schedule for July 2023

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