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Buy Me A Coffee and I'll GIVE you my Book! 😇

Jun 04, 2020

“Learn How To Build Your Own DIY Truck Camper And Get Off The Grid Super-Fast — For Less Than A Paycheck And Just A Few Days Of Construction”

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I’m Mobile Rik, and since spring 2014, I've been happily living completely off the grid in my own truck camper I built on my Toyota Tacoma for, get this... under $250! Of course, since the original "stupidly simple" (under 500 lbs "light") shell I built in just three construction days , there have been many upgrades — Deep Cell Battery, Solar Panels, Ultra-Lightweight Roof, and my nifty A-Frame Popup with a 7'8" ceiling — But the essential "DIRT CHEAP" design is still holding up perfectly. And of course the best part is that because I built it myself, it fits my own unique needs perfectly — to be out camping in nature, enjoying free campsites, and immersing myself further in the "off grid" life, cooking up grub on my DIY tin can wood-gas stove, and baking amazing pizza and cookies in my cardboard box oven. ☺

Do You Want To Learn The FASTEST Cheapest Way To Get That Kind Of Lifestyle For Yourself?

In The Expanded Second Edition Of My Digitally-Downloadable Book — 300 Pages with over 200 photos and diagrams — You Will Learn:

  • How I created my own custom design that was so simple, I could build it — in just 3 days — without even looking at the plans!

  • How I built my first fully-campable version for less than $200 — while paying retail prices. (i.e. you could probably do it for much less!)

  • My breakthrough insight that allowed me to get off the grid in a matter of weeks — rather than months, years, or even decades!

  • The quickest easiest ways to power your camper when you start off-gridding — EVEN BEFORE you’ve learned (with my Easy Camper Electricity chapter) how to wire up an enjoyably simple electrical system.

  • The surprising inspiration for my new “ultra-high” popup roof design — which not only gives me 7’8″ of headroom and allows me to sit upright in the cabover on cushions — it’s also way cheaper to build !

  • How I made an Ultra-Lightweight Fully-Waterproofed Arched Roof that I can lift with one hand using a ridiculously inexpensive "forgotten" technique used a century ago by boat-builders.

While the Kindle version of this book sells for $10 on Amazon, in a deal exclusive to this site, you can instantly download the PDF version (much better!) as my appreciation gift when you simply...

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Thanks a bunch! -Mobile Rik

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