Rocket Deployment 🚀

Rocket Deployment 🚀

Jan 27, 2021

Warning this is an opinion.

This is the shortest article I’ve ever written. 

Deploy early. Break things. Fix soon. Learn!

This isn’t new. Of course not. It is named agile. And we’re in the software industry doing it a lot. But unfortunately there is still a small barrier in mind of some old professionals who aren’t firm with the modern world, fast ci/cd pipelines and the comfort of live-issue-tracking like sentry is doing for us. All I like to say, I’ve already accompanied in a number of development teams and I felt very comfortable being early on production stage to grow together with the customers and stabilize features and functions. THAT DOES NOT MEAN that I think end customers are free testers and early adopters. OF COURSE NOT. Software should be well done, well tested, well documented and builded through a stable continuous integration pipeline. As devops says: build your application AND ship your application. We’re the designers of software and we know best how to run and fix it in critical situations. Rocket deployment means, for example, repair a feature, test it well and bring the fix as soon as possible back to your users. Never hold back finished code. It will be difficult to merge with every hour you’re behind the development branch!

Go out soon.

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