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Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Dec 14, 2022

Hey there. So this is an update for my content moving forward, as well as how I'll be trying to raise money, so hopefully this will explain a lot of things.

Starting off, I'll be scaling back my content on ADHD/Bipolar (essentially my MisWired blog). As much as I enjoyed talking about my journey and how perspectives affected me growing up, it has really, really drowned out my other content, especially my writing. And starting next year, I want to focus more on gaming, music and writing which have been my passions for a long time. While gaming and music might take a while due to me trying to upgrade my laptop, I already have quite a bit of writing out, with two poetry anthologies which I plan to combine into one book in the near future, a novella in Legends of Signaia, as well as another book in the editing phase that will hopefully be out next year. You can find most of those on Wattpad as well as on my Patreon, but I want to focus on some upcoming stories. 

As for gaming, I have scaled back marketing for it as I wasn't getting nearly as much funding as I hoped, but that doesn't mean I've given up on it. I am working on it in the background. Heathen's Hollow has and will be a passion project that I really want to see come to fruition. Aside from that, I do have a few Let's Plays in the pipeline, that I'll end up doing when I get some of the upgrades to my laptop done. 

As for monetary support, I'm eternally grateful to everyone who has supported me over the years. I know we've been in extremely stressful times, and not everyone can subscribe to Patreon. That's why I opened this account as well as my Ko-fi. If you would like to support me, but can't commit to a monthly subscription, you can do so through either site.

I plan on growing my content moving forward, even though you might not always see it. All I can ask is for patience and support through the growing pains as a relatively small content creator.

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