Northern FanCon and Otafest

Northern FanCon and Otafest

May 26, 2022

It was another 2 week in a row convention-fest! And it was AMAZING.

I didn't get to travel for so long and hang out with friends along the way, if anything my trip to Northern FanCon was actually pretty upsetting. But once I was there, the convention itself and all the wonderful people I got to meet there made it totally worth it!

I got to meet so many people who follow me! And it was such a surreal and wonderful feeling. I still hadn't wrapped my head around it when I was off to Otafest.

And I met even MORE people! I had no idea my build videos were reaching so many people. Its so touching when I meet people and they want to hug me or take pictures all because I have been sharing my love for building and they also enjoy it.

And of course there were the people who just enjoyed my products! Which I was also blown away by. I dont know why but I am never expecting the response that I get and it always takes me by surprise every time. In the best and happiest way of course.

Amidst all the chaos, I managed to get some pictures of some cosplay I really enjoyed. There were some Gundams at both cons! So you know I was a pretty happy girl. Anyway, photo dump:

He never came back for a better picture, but here is the only shot I managed to get of the Gundam cosplay from Otafest.

So its safe to say Im back on my Genshin bullshit. I definitely started playing again once I got home. Mostly because I couldnt really do anything else on Monday as everything was closed....

I have been plugging away at orders that were piling up while I was away and trying to get all caught up. I've also been trying to get more stock in for all my upcoming conventions. Luckily, my next round of cons isnt until July, so I have some time to recover and hopefully better prepare myself.

I have also still been looking into new places to live as my landlords are still dead set on selling this place. So it might be a busy month for me regardless.... Wish me luck!

And thats all there is for now! Let's hope my next round of conventions holds just as much fun and good times.


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